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102, 2019

Made to Measure Soft Furnishings

Made to Measure Soft Furnishings – Why Spend the Money?

Buy a bargain and buy twice…


In an economy that lends itself to a tempting cheap and quick fix, in not only the world of interiors but every aspect of our lives, it can be hard to sell luxury. What we choose to spend our hard-earned paycheck on completely depends on what our interests are. Some may choose to spend it in the pub, some on a car, maybe its concerts or holidays, clothes and makeup that float your boat.  For me, and if allowed I would spend my entire earnings on fabric. I will never ever have enough fabric to fill my home with.

In the world I’m talking about, the world of interiors, there seems no end to the sacrifices people will make for that Green velvet sofa or brass handled kitchen.

I must make particular reference to my inspiration for this first blog  post – The House Pot Noodles Built

I hope Lu won’t mind the mention, I follow her Instagram page and love the name, a very apt name because of her inability to cook anything else whilst she and her husband renovated their East London flat for four months.

This is one small example of the life-changing lengths people will go to for their home and what they put inside it.  As you can imagine, it’s not difficult persuading this particular group of people towards the advantages of hand made curtains and blinds, a carefully crafted footstool or that £100.00 per meter House of Hackney velvet they MUST have.

However, when there are, what appear to be comparisons everywhere, one can be easily swayed towards those off the shelf eyelet curtains or selection of floppy and pointless cushions you’ve chanced upon in the local home bargain store. (cushions should always be plump and filled with Duck feather, anything less is a disservice to the cover)

I am not here to persuade you to come straight to me and deck out your whole house out in bespoke soft furnishings, although I would be more than happy to help.

I’m here to tell you that the phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is more than relevant to the world of soft furnishings, and it’s not just a matter of your conscience, carbon footprint or the ongoing and justified pressure to buy British, I promise you will absolutely feel and see the difference.


There is a whole world of difference between the pair of curtains that have been designed to fit your window and carefully sewn together using the fabric that has been particularly selected for you, and the pair that you have convinced yourself fit the space when really they look tired before you’ve got them up.


My advice would be to live without living room curtains or that lovely roman blind for your kitchen for a while until you have the funds to do it properly.  Buy a meter of your favourite fabric and have a seamstress make the cushion covers up for you. Really think about what kind of piece of furniture you are buying when you have a footstool made up for £400.00 versus buying an off the shelf one for £65.00.


I’ve replaced curtains, particularly the interlined variety that have been hanging in the same window for 30 years, that’s a very long time and will always be worth the money.