Measuring Guide

Here at Hollie & Co we offer a complimentary site visit within The Lake District and surrounding areas, if you are outside our catchment please use the below guide to measure for your curtains and roman blinds and request a quote via our quote page.



  1. Measure the length of your curtain pole from inside the finials/end caps, this is your pole width. If you haven’t got a pole yet – don’t panic. Use the tip below to workout where your pole should be.

Top Tip: Your curtain pole should sit around 20cm above your window and extend around 25cm past the left and the right of the window.

2. Measure your curtain drop. This measurement is ideally from the top of your curtain pole to where you want your curtains to finish. Decide where you want your curtains to hang to which will be either to just below the windowsill or right to the floor are the two most popular options.

3. Decide on your heading and please see our heading guide for some ideas


Roman Blinds

  1. All that’s needed for a roman blind measurement is a width and a length so decide where you want your blind to start and end.
  2. If you’re blind is going in a recess please allow 2cm on either side so the blind isn’t touching the sides of the recess when its made up. For the length measurement in a recess you want to be just touching the window sill.
  3. Measurements outside a recess – this is completely down to your preference. As a rule we tend to measure 5cm past the recess on either side and around 20cm above.